Photos from the anthology launch

Today is the last day of term and a good time to wish everyone a happy winter break and a successful new year. The launch of the Smoke Anthology on Wednesday night was a great way to close the curtain on another eventful term. The readings were excellent, and through book sales we made more than £300 to help fund a future anthology. Also, even before we hit The Railway for the after-party, sixty-five guests and authors managed to drink sixteen litres of wine and a keg of beer! Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who submitted to the anthology. We hope you all had a great night, and we can’t wait for 2013. In the meantime, here are some photos from the first part of Wednesday’s launch, and you can see many more by following this link.

Tyler and Martin opening bar

Smoke Launch 1

Smoke Launch - perusing the bar menu

Keely and Claire selling Smoke

Nigel Smoke Launch

Tyler introducing Smoke Launch

More photos


Mia Carlsen says:

Hi. So exited about this. It was so much fun and inspiring for us all to keep writing. Thank you so much to everyone making it possible. I am writing here mainly because I have many family members breathing down my neck for a place to order the book for themselves. Any help you could offer me? xxxxx Mia

Hey Mia,

Thanks for your comment and sorry for the slow reply. We had a great night on Wednesday too, and we’re very proud of the book. It’s taking a little while to get Smoke listed online, but it should soon be available on the uni’s online store and via the Templar Press website. We’ll post the links as soon as they’re up.

Edited to add the link for buying via the uni store:

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