Susi Powell Memorial Tree Planting

magnolia-susanThe Creative Writing 3rd year course reps, Creative Writing department, and the landscaping team at UoG have organized a tree planting ceremony,  in memory of writing student Susi Powell, who sadly passed away during her time studying with us.  Susi would have been due to graduate this year, and we all remember her as a friendly and generous person whose presence brought warmth and humour to the classroom.

The tree planting will take place at 11 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday May 14th, in the garden area behind the library on the outside of Quad West (marked as 12 on the map here).  The tree that has been selected is a Magnolia Susan, and a memorial plaque with a dediction to Susi will be placed beside it.  All Creative Writing students are welcome to attend.

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