Creative Writing Internships

Just a heads up for all you career-driven Creative Writing students (though quite possibly that’s an oxymoron, and probably should be).  Be that as it may, we’ve been sent a selection of Creative Writing internships that are available to UoG students, and thought some of you might be interested.  The four internships are for the Students’ Union, HR Champions, Mushroom Internet, and Absolute CV (not, unfortunately, Absolut Vodka).  In general the placements seem to involve writing content for websites and blogs, with various other duties in the mix.  The internships involve 80 hours of work, are flexible, and you will receive travel expenses.  You don’t, however, get paid.  Thus, approach with caution.  To quote the Coen brothers, we don’t know these employers, and can’t vouch for them, but asking for further information couldn’t hurt – and it might prove to be a good experience for fledgeling writers.  Once you do know more, if you’d like the advice of our teaching staff as to whether to go ahead, feel free to get in touch with us.  The poster with full details of each placement is below.  Further info can be found out by emailing the organizers:


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