Novel Writing Contest Shortlist!

Row of Old Books

It has been a tense and dramatic wait since May 9, when our inaugural UoG Novel Writing Contest closed its doors to submissions.  The filter judges have now had time to consider the submissions, and we are ready to announce the shortlist of six entrants.  Cue the drum-roll please…and the shortlist (in alphabetical order by novel title) is:

‘Churchill’ by Sleiman El Hajj
‘The Good Housewife’s Frontal Lobotomy’ by Jane Durston
‘The Making of Robin Mountjoy’ by Sue Pearce
‘Matlock’ by Duncan Dicks
‘Things We Should Have Done’ by Hayley Barnes
‘Vid[dot]mov’ by Emmy Summers

Congratulations to our shortlisted entrants, and thank you to all for submitting.  These six pieces will now be forwarded to literary agent Becky Thomas, at the Fox Mason Agency.  Becky and her team will read them and choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners.  Since we like a bit of drama, we’ll be announcing the results at a ceremony in the autumn – one that could potentially coincide with the launch of the latest UoG writing anthology, Carnival.  Watch this space!

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