UoG Novel Contest Deadline!

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Now that you’ve submitted those assignments, and summer is in sight, unless you’re part of the team organizing the eagerly anticipated UoG fringe you might be tempted to kick back, enjoy a beverage or two, and relax.  But wait!  Did you forget about one of the most exciting opportunities we have here on our Creative Writing programme?  That’s right: the UoG Novel Writing Contest, run in association with Becky Thomas at Fox Mason, will be closing to submissions at the end of this month, at midnight on May 31st.  So you have just under two weeks to get those manuscripts in order.  Those who’ve been taking our Novel Writing class, HM6105, already have an extract (3000 words) they can submit.  Competition is going to be fierce, and we judges are looking forward to the selection process, and sending a shortlist on to Becky to pick the winners.  For those just catching up, you can check out our guidelines page for details of how to submit.  Good luck, and get to it!

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