UoG Creative Writing and English courses score 100% ‘Triple Crown’ in overall satisfaction on the 2016 National Student Survey!


They say you can’t get no satisfaction, but this year the University of Gloucestershire Creative Writing and English programmes have proved that wrong, at least in terms of the annual National Student Survey (NSS).  For those who don’t have a clue what the NSS is, it’s a survey of graduating students at all universities across the UK.  It allows students to feedback and ‘rate’ their student experience in a range of categories, including learning resources, teaching quality, and overall ‘satisfaction’.  At many universities, including here at UoG, academics are skeptical of the NSS and don’t feel it is necessarily a valid indicator of teaching quality.  However, we also have a tradition of scoring exceptionally well, and this year has been a high point for our Creative Writing programmes.  The ‘core’ indicator is the overall student satisfaction percentage, and this year our Creative Writing course, our English Literature course, and our Creative Writing and English Literature joint course, all scored 100% in overall student satisfaction.

Let’s be clear: as we discuss at our Creative Writing Open Days, we don’t actually want our graduating students to be ‘satisfied’.  We want them to be inspired, rebellious, ambitious, excited, fired up, ready to take on the writing world – in fact, we want them to be anything but ‘satisfied’.  However, it’s a testament to the dedication of the graduating class of 2016 that these results are so overwhelmingly positive.  The past year was not without its challenges, particularly as one of our most valued lecturers moved on to another position.  So we wanted to thank our third years for sticking together, and supporting us and the programme through a period of transition.  Our 100% ‘triple crown’ is all thanks to you lot.  We expect great things from this particular year group, and can’t wait to hear about your future creative endeavours and artistic successes.  Go Team UoG!

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