New Year, new Associate Lecturers

Here at Creative Writing High Command, we’re weirdly sniffy about New Year’s Resolutions. We double our peanut-butter intake, cancel gym memberships out of spite, and indulge in small but satisfying acts of vandalism, like putting next door’s recycling box in before the bin men have visited, and signing our names in all the books in Waterstones (especially the ones that we didn’t write).

However, we have managed to do one good thing for the year ahead: that is, to snare three new Associate Lecturers. It’s our pleasure to introduce Kathy Chamberlain, Larry Cotterell and Emma Geen, who will be taking some undergraduate workshops this semester. From accidental house moves to empathy entanglements and trios of cats, their experience in life and writing is wonderfully broad, and we look forward to learning from them. Welcome!



Dr Kathy Chamberlain’s thesis consisted of a collection of short stories characterised by isolation and anomalousness, which sells her as the life of the party; her story ‘Hallways’ was a commended entry to 2017’s Terry Hetherington Competition, and was published in Cheval 10. She’s a big fan of plain style prose and circular narratives. Kathy accidentally moved to Swansea when she embarked on her postgraduate studies, and teaches undergraduate classes in Creative Writing and English at Swansea University.



Emma Geen is a Creative Writing PhD student at Bath Spa University and an author of speculative novels. Her first novel, The Many Selves of Katherine North, was published by Bloomsbury in 2016. Her PhD research explores the entanglement of empathy, the novel and the body



I have spent a number of years in state secondary and post-graduate education and am currently studying for a doctorate at the University of Gloucestershire. I write anything that takes my interest and have been published in Bristol University’s Ad Absurdum, the Hearts and Minds journal, and a few professional magazines. I have won the odd short-story competition, write for the Review online site and contribute when possible to the Football Poets group about my glory days as an amateur Centre-Half. Originally from St Albans, I now reside in Stroud with a troika of cats.


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Welcome to all our new colleagues.

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