21 days to go!

Just three weeks until submissions close for this year’s HUMAN Anthology. If you haven’t submitted yet and want to, but are struggling to think of something to write, here are a few seeds to throw down on that bleak writerly path of creativity:

International Women’s Day was on Sunday.  Social Media was full of stories about incredible women doing incredible things. Maybe you know one who deserves to be heralded in this year’s Anthology? You probably are one – tell us about something that’s happened in your own life, something you’re proud of, something you did, even though you never thought you could.

News – climate change, Coronavirus, terrorist attacks, Brexit – the news is ripe with stories about being human, what humans do/create/become and how they react.

Ekphrasis – use a visual image, a piece of art or sculpture to inspire you. It could be an old master hanging in an art gallery, it could be a piece of graffiti on the side of a wall, it could be that photograph, remember, of that time you said you’d never forget?

Go for a walk – it’s well documented that getting away from wherever you write helps clear the mind and allows your creativity to start flowing.  Take the dog out, borrow a dog, walk into town, go for a coffee, and cake, maybe a scone – jam or cream first….?  That’s just a British thing not a Human thing.

Listen to music – switch off your brain, sit back and listen to music.  Relax the creative muscles, drift off, let the music flow into your body, let the lyrics do the talking, listen to the ebb and flow – sounds like dialogue? Are they arguing? Are they debating? Is there a phrase, that’s caught your attention… perhaps just a couple of words – that’s all it takes.

We can’t wait to read your submissions. If you need any questions answered please take a look at our website or email humananthologyuog@email.com

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