Month: November 2006

Another Philosophy Course Blog?

The Philosophy Dept at University of California, Santa Barbara has a course blog at: – they seem to really get stuck into the comments thing too. I like their discussion of whether of not Unicorns exist at: […]

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Blog comment delay explanation…

You may be experiencing a delay between making your comments and them appearing on the site: this is due to new anti-spam measures (I have to check the comments) – but I try to check as often as […]

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Legal Pluralism

Should ethnic and religious minorities be allowed to use traditional or religious laws to settle civil disputes (not criminal)? See for a discussion – but I would advise you to follow the links and listen to the […]

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Slavery and Aplogy debate continued

Wikipedia has an article on proposals for Slavery reparations at – which may be helpful re the debate below – you may wish to use the comments on this post to carry on discussions – as they […]

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UPDATED: Creationism in Schools…

Thanks to one of the second years for this extra link on this story: —————— has a story about attempts to push ID / Creationism back into school science lessons… Should we keep faith-based approaches in Religious […]

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Ethics, Apologies and the Slave Trade

The BBC is reporting that Tony Blair has expressed his ‘sorrow’ over Britain’s role in the slave trade – but stopped short of a full apology – apparently because of fears that this may lead to demands for […]

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Christmas Meal

Hi. Some of the Student Reps wanted to know how much interest there was – as they are planning an RPE Xmas event… A meal is the plan – venue suggestions welcome – and a final annoucement will […]

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Sartre and Gandhi…

The Ethical Traditions students have been asked to read Sarte’s Existentialism is a Humanism – enjoy! Also, the Hinduism class needs to review material on Gandhi – this is the Wiki link, but also see, and the […]

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Question Time Report

Many thanks to Jason Chambers (RPE, Level 2) for report the below of his trip – along with 2 fellow RPE students, to a recording of the BBC’s Question Time – thanks Jason – and others are welcome […]

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Religious symbols and Dress Codes at Work

From the BBC: ‘Should there be a right to wear a cross at work?Does the Christian cross have a place in the workplace? A British Airways (BA) employee has lost her fight to openly wear a cross necklace […]

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