Month: November 2010

Lolcat Bible Translation Project

There are many novelty Bible translation projects – the Geordie Bible – the Cockney Bible, the Brick Testament (Lego based) – but a new one on me was the Lolcat Bible… The peculiar text-msg influenced speech, and an emergent […]

  Bible 29 November 2010  

Kant Attack Ad..

Thought this might entertain some… d.

  adverts 29 November 2010  

Philosophy at Play

Readers of the RPE blog may be interested in a new blog I am helping organise at  – this is still in development – but is getting there! One of the key aims is to promote an event on […]

  play 18 November 2010  

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society Talk: Heidegger

Dr. Will Large, University of Gloucestershire: ‘Heidegger and the meaning of History’. Wed. Nov. 17th. 7.30.p.m. FCH Room HC203 The talk will focus on Heidegger’s “Being and Time”, and will consider the significance of experience and the pertinence […]

  Gloucestershire 15 November 2010  

Christmas/Religion (not actually) banned from Stamps…

You can tell Christmas is coming – as I have seem my first ‘Christmas banned by political correctness’ story: even if it turns out to be wholly false… gives the details… Links to past examples of claims […]

  banning 2 November 2010