Month: June 2016

Should Everyone Study Philosophy – a guest blog from Birmingham Metropolitan College

We asked recently for guest bloggers: In the first of these posts – Rimmini-Lea B. from Birmingham Metropolitan College wrote about whether Everyone Should Study Philosophy? We enjoyed reading this – and hope you do too: Should […]

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Free Will debate at RPE Open Days

At the upcoming open days this June, October and November, Dr David Webster and Dr Roy Jackson are going to argue. Nothing new there. But the topic is one that really matters. They are going to argue about Free-Will. Roy […]

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Religion/Philosophy bloggers needed.. 

We are having a call for guest posts on the blog – by A-level/GCSE students!  We would like any students moving from AS to A2 (and keen GCSE students, who are moving to A level study) to write […]

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What does Religious Studies mean to me? A guest post

This post is from a guest author. Chloe is a Year 10 pupil (that means ages 14-15 in the UK system)  from Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College, in Cheshire. She has written about the topic: ‘What does […]

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Religion, Philosophy & Ethics Open Days 2016

As people start to think about their University choices – for September 2017 entry – we have a range of Open Day dates for those interested in our Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course. To book a place, go […]

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Oliver Brown’s Diary of HM5050 Trip to Cordoba

This is a write-up from a History student. RPE even lets students from some other courses onto the Spain trip these days!

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