Month: March 2014

Cats on Campus?

The mysterious FCH cat.. I noticed yesterday that when I post important matters on the RPE Facebook group, I get a few likes – some intelligent comment – but when I post a picture of a cat on FCH […]

  cats 28 March 2014  

Meditation visit..

Many thanks to Justin Whitaker, who came to do a meditation practice with year 2 yesterday. The meditation was a metta-bhavana practice, and we had a discussion of the practice before and after.  Justin is also the author […]

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Cordoba 2014…

So – we set off at 3am on 11th March for Spain – and after some exciting coach, plane, coach and walking: we arrived at our Hotel in Cordoba by early afternoon. We went on our usual orientation tour, featuring […]

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RPE Cordoba Trip 2014..

We will be leaving for Spain shortly – meeting in just over ten hours, at 2.30am – to study the Islamic, Christian and Jewish history, philosophy and culture of Andalusia, via our base in Cordoba. You can follow the trip via […]

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An older video (my old voice, but that’s another story): my colleague talks about Dracula:

  Videos 10 March 2014  

Dr Jonathan Marshall talks about his work and English Language (and Linguistics) course at Gloucestershire

Dr Jonathan Marshall talks to Dr David Webster about his work and English Language (and Linguistics) course at Gloucestershire:

  Linguistics 5 March 2014  

Anger kills…?

Over at the Guardian’s Comment is Free you can find me wondering about different types of anger.. Just some speculation, wondering about perhaps thinking more about different types of anger, but it seems to have generated plenty of […]

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