Month: July 2016

A Guest Post from Kings Norton: Was Philosophy what you expected?

In one of our final guest posts before the Summer, Eve M considers how her study of philosophy at A Level has shaped her view of the subject. Philosophy wasn’t what I thought – a reflection: Eve M, Year […]

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Philosophy wasn’t what I thought it’d be: A guest post.

A guest post on the blog today from Birmingham. Dina C reflects on what she found when starting to study philosophy at A-Level Philosophy wasn’t what I thought – a reflection: Dina C., an upcoming year 13 student […]

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My Favourite Philosopher – Nietzsche: A guest post by Victoria G.

Another guest post about a favourite philosopher. This one should meet the approval of our resident Nietzsche expert Dr Roy Jackson! The author, Victoria G, is a year 10 pupil at Malcolm Arnold Academy, and she makes a […]

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My Favourite Philosopher? Charles Darwin, by Zaima K.

Here, a Year 10 (age14-15) pupil from the Malcolm Arnold Academy in Northampton, has written a piece about their ‘Favourite Philosopher’. The choice of Darwin may make some of you think ‘he is not a philosopher’ – but I’d […]

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Should Everyone Study Philosophy? A guest post from Malcolm Arnold Academy

Another guest post. Nadia is a year 10 (age 14-15) pupil from Northampton, and has chosen to tackle the issue of whether everyone should study philosophy… Should everyone study philosophy? – from Nadia A., Year 10, Malcolm Arnold Academy. […]

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Guest post from Shrewsbury High School: Women in Christianity, particularly the 4th Gospel

Today, we have have a guest post from Cece W. Cece is a Year 12 student at Shrewsbury High School, and chose the ‘what were you surprised to learn while studying RS?” topic: When studying a religion, what I […]

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Guest post from Kings Norton Girls’ School: To Study Philosophy?

A guest post again. Emily G. from Kings Norton Girls’ School in Birmingham. Here she considers the issue of whether everyone ought to study philosophy, or not? Do I think everyone should study philosophy? Well I think that […]

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