Month: January 2007


I know, I know – exams are coming! I had a request for extra info on contemporary Utilitarianism and other topics: here are some links to at least start you off (although we do have books in the […]

  Uncategorised 21 January 2007  

Islam in the Indian Subcontinent Conference

The Department of Humanities at the University of Gloucestershire is pleased to annouce details of a conference: Thursday 19th April 2007 Islam in the Indian SubcontinentThe Indian Subcontinent is a significant region for Islamic Studies,having more Muslims than […]

  Conference 16 January 2007  

Friendship, Philosophy & January…

[I changed the picture, as the old one was a bit sickly…. – or so some visitors thought…] January can be a long, cold month for students – preparing for exams, reading books and waiting for the second […]

  aristotle 15 January 2007  

Gay Rights, Faith and the Law

As many of you will have noticed, attempts to block the Sexual Orientation Regulations in the House of Lords have failed. A number of faith groups had objected to the regulations. The rules mean that people who offer […]

  faith 10 January 2007  

Defining Sport

ALSO SEE OUR SHORT VIDEO INTERVIEWS ON PHILOSOPHY OF SPORT AT: As promised: a longer consideration of the nature of ‘Sport’. This is by my colleague, Dr Emily Ryall, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy over at the Faculty of […]

  darts 8 January 2007  

Sports, ethics and fairness

Further to recent darts entries, I have been thinking about whether engagement in sport is something that can foster ethical virtues. It has the rules, and ethics borrows phrases from the world of sports all the time – […]

  sport 8 January 2007  

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society

Hi – the Gloucestershire Philosophical Society programme for the coming months is below – or see their website for details: The Phil Soc also now have their own blog at: – which is new, but will […]

  Philosophical 7 January 2007  

Darts, Sport and Classics

While reading around darts, I came across this quote from darts commentator Sid Waddell who once said (of Eric Bristow – “the crafty cockney”) : ‘When Alexander the Great was 33 he cried salt tears because there were […]

  darts 5 January 2007  

Darts a sport?

See the discussion of what a sport is (and whether darts counts as one)at: as well – as that offers more detail than this short version… OK – guess what I got for Christmas… As hinted at by […]

  darts 2 January 2007  

Reading Lists (and more)

Well, firstly – Happy New Year to all – and secondly, to more pressing matters… Second years will be revising for the modules where they have exams – but of course, first year (level) Religion, Philosophy & Ethics […]

  ethics 2 January 2007