Month: November 2011

The God of Philosophy

Just thought some might like to know that the 2nd edition of RPE tutor Dr Roy Jackson’s The God of Philosophy is now out! Info at Roy has published extensively as you can see HERE

  philosophy of religion 24 November 2011  

Michael Stone and Buddhism, at Occupy Montreal

Michael Stone draws on Buddhism in his talk at the Occupy Montreal Protest.. Michael Stone at Occupy Montreal from Emily Gan on Vimeo.

  buddhism 15 November 2011  

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society

A list of upcoming talks – at which our students are always welcome – can always be found at Some info about the next ones: Wed.Nov. 9th. 2011. FCH Room HC203. Malcolm Pritchard and Harry Cowen (Gloucestershire Philosophical Society): […]

  GPS 6 November 2011  

Glad you asked?

Forgot I had done this! It is only an edited (not by me…) sample – but may provide some entertainment..d.

  atheism 6 November 2011  

New visitors

I have just come back from an Open Day here in Cheltenham, talking to people about the RPE course… I thought I’d pop a post here in case any of them/you are looking for more info… The blog […]

  facebook 5 November 2011