Month: October 2006

Philosophy of Religion Resources is a page with some useful Philosophy of Religion resources for writing essays, etc… D.

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Free Philosophy lecture Podcasts from the University of Sydney -has great mp3 downloads on Locke, Kant, Plato and others. It is part of The Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. If you like what you find – let me know, […]

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God Creation Game?

Just found a Do-it-yourself-Deity game at – part of the Philosophers Magazine – which has some serious and some more lighthearted resources for philosophy students…. Let me know how you get on (use the comments button below […]

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I can see FCH from space! has great satellite images of FCH – even if they are a little old (look at all the car parking we used to have, and no CEAL building..) Thought it was cool – so thought you might […]

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Episode 2 – E-Learn2006

Friday the 13th (Oct ’06) – Day 1 of the E-Learn conference in Hawaii… This day was dominated by two long (3 and a half-hour each) workshops. In the morning I attended a session by Anthony Klejna of […]

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Radio 4 – Moral Maze on Religion

In case you missed the edition of the Moral Maze debate programme about Religious issues – go to for details – and to listen again, or contribute to their discussion board on the topic. Please feel free […]

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Open for Learning…

Just a quick report – on Saturday 21st October we invited guests in for our annual Open for Learning event. FCH had something in the region of 850 visitors – who ate apples (it ws National Apple Day) […]

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Well – I promised a fuller report on E-Learn2006, and here is at least the first portion of it. E-Learn 2006 – Report – First Part The goal seemed worthwhile – to travel to Hawaii – and learn […]

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Hawaii Conference

In case you were not sure of what the trip – mentioned below – was: I was at ELearn2006 to research e-learning – and present a paper.. As you can imagine, it was work, work work (and earthquake) […]

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Hi – just a quick first post. Check back shortly for an update on my Hawaii trip – and links to some intriguing web-sites…

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