Month: October 2007

RPE208 wiki

Please visit to see (and register to edit) the Indian Religions module wiki for what will be a student-written glossary of terms for that module (mainly Hindu and Buddhist terms). Cheers,Dave

  Buddhist 31 October 2007  

Battleground God game

Hi. I just completed the game at which assesses how coherent your beliefs are about God / what we can know about God. You may enjoy it… I note that at the end – the Philosopher’s Magazine […]

  games 31 October 2007  

Greetings from Beijing

Hi. Apologies for the lack of updates, but I have discovered that addresses seem to be unavailable in China (but I am able to post to it). Having talked about the RPE blog this morning, I am […]

  Beijing 26 October 2007  

A Year in the Blogosphere…

Hi – this is a quick post to say: how has this year been for students and other readers of this blog: In what ways has it been of useful / interesting / annoying – -etc… I am […]

  blog 18 October 2007  

E-Learn 07 part2, Quebec City

Ok – as the days pass here in Quebec City, I get nearer to my paper (Thursday) on a year of the RPE course blog, I have been astounded by the work being done in many institutions. Once […]

  e-learn 17 October 2007  

E-Learn 2007

Well, greetings from far away. I write from E-Learn 2007, in Quebec Canada: where I am talking about this blog. As some if you will recall it began following my visit to E-Learn 2006 (see and scroll […]

  e-learn 16 October 2007  

Philosophy Reading Group Blog

Just to remind those of you who are part of the Philosophy & Ethics reading group (and those who aren’t) and who are currently reading Sartre’s Nausea; we have our own blog open for comments on Please […]

  blog 16 October 2007  

Hey – Meat-Head!

I was reading a blog at today and came across this claim: Eating meat is totally inefficient, and in a world of desperate starvation and malnutrition, it is also criminal and immoral. Do you agree (the article […]

  morality 9 October 2007  

Nagel’s Bat

Those First-year (or Level 1) students struggling through Nagel’s What is it like to be a bat? may find the powerpoint at helpful – it explains the ideas (but does not do the work for the 160 […]

  Bat 3 October 2007  

The march of the militant atheists!

Are atheists the unsung heroes of the modern age? You may have read in the papers that ‘Darwin’s rottweiler’ Richard Dawkins is spearheading a campaign in America to trumpet the voice of the nation’s atheists who are seemingly […]

  atheism 1 October 2007