Month: December 2006

RPE Christmas Meal Pictures

The Christmas Meal Pictures are now in the RPE Photo Album. (more photos please if you have them)(see the ‘Links’ section) – enjoy – Dave. Or click: Note: Due to a blog upgrade (like the new look?), […]

  Christmas meal 27 December 2006  

Festive Greetings

Hope you all have a great Christmas, winterval, etc – But if it is Christmas day – why are you on the internet?See to ponder whether you ought to be… Dave

  christmas sparklers 24 December 2006  

Convert or Die?

Thanks to Jason (level 2) for this link to a Christian computer game story – in which you have to convert or kill the heathens… Not believe me? Click to read about it.. Dave

  Uncategorised 16 December 2006  

Flickr, etc

Hi – quick post: I am in the process of organising a Flickr book for the course: this is an on-line photo album for pics from various events, trips, etc.. I will put the images into folders, etc […]

  Uncategorised 14 December 2006  

Argument Panic?

As some of you are still frantic looking for examples of bad arguments – I thought a bit of compassion may be in order: take a look at for help: but be sure to properly reference any […]

  Uncategorised 12 December 2006  

Christmas banned?

As the tabloid press starts its usual festive hysteria over the “PC brigade” banning Christmas (see ) – is this accurate? – the Guardian offers another view – that this is a ‘phoney war’:,,1967368,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11 The National […]

  Uncategorised 8 December 2006  

Peter Singer / Animal Testing & Utilitarianism

Philosopher Peter Singer has been in the news again. While most well-known for his advocacy of animal rights, he has surprised many by claming that some animal testing may be justified. While some animals rights campaigners may be […]

  animal 6 December 2006  

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

See update at: as well… – esp for discussion of the story in more detail.. Note: If you are a student looking at this to help with a paper/essay on the Omelas short story – that is […]

  Omelas 5 December 2006  

Christmas Meal…

NEWSFLASH: The Christmas RPE Student meal is booked: It will be at the Balti on the Bath Road at 6pm on Wednesday 13th December. However – they do need some idea of numbers – so let the student […]

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Those of you doing RPE101 (Philosophical and Ethical Arguing) may enjoy the argument examples at – using the words of MTV’s Beavis and Butthead (some of us are old enough to remember them)… Dave

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