Month: April 2010

Philosophy Society – May Meeting

We will be meeting the second Thursday, 13th, of May in a room yet to be confirmed at Park Campus. Please note that we will start at 6pm and end at 7.30pm. Instead of reading a text this […]

  Code Unknown 22 April 2010  

Philosopher’s Football Match

A re-enactment of the Monty Python philosopher’s football match is taking place on Sunday May 9th at West Finchley, North London and will see the Greeks take on the Germans. The players will include many notable philosophers, comedians, […]

  football 21 April 2010  

Philosophy for Children

Anna Saunders will give a talk on: Philosophy for Children (P4C) Wednesday 21st April at 4pm FCH TC006A All Welcome PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN, or P4C for short, was the title Professor Matthew Lipman gave to his project of […]

  children 16 April 2010  

Trouble in the Cordoba Mezquita

I read at that visiting Muslims were not allowed to pray in the Mezquita, now the Cathedral, in Cordoba – where we were just a few weeks ago. The report has the Catholic church noting, as it […]

  Cordoba 3 April 2010  

RPE136 – Cordoba Trip 2010

This year’s Religion, Philosophy and Ethics module, Overseas Study Visit saw a lively group of students head out from a damp Gloucestershire to the Spanish sun… This module (RPE136) is designed to offer students the opportunity to experience […]

  Cordoba 1 April 2010