Month: July 2008

The solution to Britain’s knife crime and gang problem – Vicars?

Switch the T.V or Radio on right now and you are bound to soon hear about the latest tragic inner-city youth stabbing or person being shot dead for having a slightly different postcode or belonging to a different […]

  ghetto 27 July 2008  

Digital Adventures in Milton Keynes

Tuesday saw me off, with colleagues from across the University, on a road trip to that most mystical and romantic of destinations: Milton Keynes. We were there to visit the Digilab of the Open University. It is a […]

  Digilab 23 July 2008  

Cirencester Philosophy blog

Our friends at Cirencester College have just started blogging at – and we hope their students will respond – as ours do (during term-time at least). Their blog aims to be ‘A place to share and discuss […]

  blog 17 July 2008  

Philosophy & Ethics Reading Group

Some developments for the Philosophy & Ethics reading group we run:We’re hoping to set it up as an official student society which will give us additional benefits, and more importantly, a regular place to meet.For this to be […]

  society 14 July 2008  

How ethical are you?

The Times newspaper is linking to ‘how ethical are you’ test/quiz at – you may be interested to see where it places you! It says I am a ‘guardian’ – I like the law… Cheers,Dave

  ethics 10 July 2008  

Ethics, Cheap Clothes and tough decisions?

Recent publicity here in the UK has focussed attention on the phenomena of very cheap clothing for sale in the UK. The spotlight recently fell on Primark – which defends itself robustly at – after the BBC […]

  ethics 3 July 2008