Month: May 2007

Dumbsh*t Decisions

What kinds of stupid decisions are trivial enough to forgive? Can we have some rules please? See the Utah State philosophy blog at for a rather interesting discussion.. News of the RPE Summer Meal, and a Summer […]

  decisions 24 May 2007  

Starting Out as a Philosopher (and A-levels)

Many people (in the UK) find their first taste of studying philosophy to be the AS /A2 Religious Studies courses – most notably the Philosophy & Ethics A Level options…. I thought it would be an interesting post […]

  A Level Religious Studies 14 May 2007  

Islamic Philosophy

Those of you studying the Islam module, RPE104, on the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course may be interested (as indeed all RPE students may well be) in the resources about Muslim philosophers and the influence of Islamic philosophy […]

  Islam 9 May 2007  


Some of you will know what ‘Open Source’ software is – where the code is freely available, and people can amend it as they choose. But what about an Open Source religion? This is what Yoism claims to […]

  religion 7 May 2007  

UC Berkeley Podcasts

Got access to iTunes? Go to – go to their iTunes thing and look at the Arts and Humanities section for some really fantastic podcasts. Enjoy… Dave

  Berkeley 2 May 2007  

Does Philosophy of Religion exist?

Google “Philosophy of Religion” and see what pops up…(or just click here)Look at key textbooks with the title (or click here) What you will note is the Theistic focus of the topics – the nature of God, arguments […]

  of religion 2 May 2007  

Philosophy Talk Radio

Philosophy Talk – a radio show co-hosted in the USA and Australia – has an archive of its chirpy but intriguing discussions online. I have just enjoyed the one at – which should be of interest to […]

  ethics 2 May 2007  


Students on the RPE202 Buddhism module may find the podcasts at of interest.. Or maybe some Zen Radio at Enjoy…Dave

  podcast 2 May 2007