Month: March 2007

New comment on The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

For more new comments on The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas see and scroll down – including a response by Ursula LeGuin herself, sent to Martha Allen Sherwood, in the context of discussions about the story…Cheers […]

  ethics 29 March 2007  

The runaway trolley and brain damage

For a video-podcast of me outlining the basics of the trolley problem see:  Some of you will have discussed in class the classic moral problem sometimes known as the runaway trolley case – where a trolley car is […]

  ethics 24 March 2007  

Buddhism podcast 4

Yes, here is the latest Buddhism (RPE202) podcast. This is on ‘views’ – and is limited by my being a bit full of cold – but hopefully still makes some kind of sense.. It follows up on the […]

  buddha 20 March 2007  

Horse Racing and Ethical Concerns

Well, as Cheltenham Festival (the racing one) comes to an end after the Gold Cup, I have spoke to a number of students who have had moral concerns about the status of horse racing – mostly jump racing… […]

  cheltenham 18 March 2007  

Open debate on religious fundamentalism

The theme of religious fundamentalism will be discussed at a panel event at the University of Gloucestershire (FCH campus) on Thursday 15 March at 7.30pm.Organised by the University of Gloucestershire chaplaincy, the panel will include Mr Ahmed Bham […]

  debate 12 March 2007  

Ethics in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Note: If you are a student looking at this to help with a paper/essay on the Omelas short story – that is great, we hope something here helps – but be sure to give a reference – and […]

  ethics 5 March 2007