Field trips

Students on the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics course take part in a variety of field trips, from Glastonbury and Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford to Cordoba and India.

You can find out more about each of our field trips below.


Once every two years Religion, Philosophy and Ethics students will travel to India to experience first-hand the richness and diversity of India’s religious landscape.


Every year students get the chance to explore aspects of the history and culture of the Andalusian region, especially the ways in which successive religious traditions have shaped the land and its people.

Diwali, Leicester

Since the 1970’s the Gujarati Hindu community has made a substantial impact on the city of Leicester and on no occasion can this be more vividly experienced that on the night of Divalli.

Soka Gakkai, Maidenhead

Students studying on the Buddhism module find themselves enjoying the apparent contradiction of Sokka Gakkai when it comes to the splendour of Taplow Court.


RPE students part the veil between this world and the beyond in Glastonbury.

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

This trip is an excellent chance for our new first year students to come together as a community and discover the wealth of strange and exotic religious and cultural artefacts that this venerable museum houses.