Month: April 2009

Buddhist Art

The Telegraph reviews a new Gallery at the Victoria and Albert museum, devoted to Buddhist art.The review [click HERE] raises some issues about detachment, and the nature of the images, and whether the gallery actively promotes Buddhist values […]

  buddhism 30 April 2009  

Blogging Nietzsche

The Guardian online has an excellent site where various experts provide infomed comment on philosophy texts. Giles Fraser has written comments on Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals, Julian Baggini on Hume’s views on religion, and currently Mary Midgeley is […]

  philosophy 27 April 2009  

Islam Conference next week – Shi’ism: Past and Present

Just a reminder about next week’s event – students (and others) are all welcome – but do register first – some details should be HERE, or contact Patricia Downes for details on attending. The programme for the day […]

  Conference 23 April 2009  

Ted Honderich to speak in Cheltenham on War and Terrorism

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society, Summer Term. Talk on Wednesday22nd. April, 2009, 7.30.p.m. FCH HC203 University of GloucestershireMap HERE. Professor Ted Honderich, UCL “Terrorisms, Terrorist Wars: A philosophical perspective.” Professor Honderich is an internationally renowned political philosopher; editor of the […]

  Philosophical 20 April 2009  

Artificial Intelligence debate

Some details of an interesting local event: Café Scientifique Finale Tuesday 12th May: (Last Debate in the current Café Scientifique Series) On Artificial Intelligence Arrivals: from 7:15pm for 7.30pm kick off, finish around 9:30ish Location: The Pavillion (in […]

  debate 20 April 2009  

Philosophy Society Update

We will not meet on the first Thursday of May, but will meet on the first Thursday of June, the 4th. Gallery Room. Park Campus. 7pm. We will be reading The Brothers Karamazov, a personal favourite. But not […]

  atheism 14 April 2009  

Easter reflections

Thought our readers might be interested in reading the following reflections on Easter from a Buddhist perspective:

  Buddhist 13 April 2009  

God edition..

New Statesman at has an issue focused around God and the relationship between politics and religion..Might be of interest..d.

  god 8 April 2009