Month: July 2007

University closed till Friday 3rd August

As some of you may have heard, as a result of flooding there is no running water in our taps here in Cheltenham… As a result, the University is closed until Friday 3rd August – so if you […]

  Uncategorised 30 July 2007  

Why Study Philosophy?

I note that at there is a set of for/against arguments dealing with this topic – and links to the many University Departments who offer a rationale for such studies. At Elon University, Nim Batchelor has a […]

  philosophy 10 July 2007  

Love, Sex, Death and Podcasting

Those of you preparing for your third year of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (rather than just relaxing all summer), will have noted the module Love, Sex and Death. I just came across a really intriguing podcast at: I […]

  death 7 July 2007  

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) Staffing Update…

Well, after a very demanding and competitive process (we were hugely impressed by both the quantity of applicants, and the very high quality of them) of selecting a new member of staff to join us on the RPE […]

  RPE 5 July 2007