Month: March 2013


Morality and Foreknowledge

Roy responds to an issue raised by a teacher:  “If God knows all our moral choices in advance, then we cannot be justly blamed or rewarded for what we do.” This is part of the OCR A2 “Attributes […]

  ethics 20 March 2013  

Trolley Car Problem – Video

Ok – HERE you can hear me talking about the Trolley Car ethical dilemma – hope it’s useful…

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The Trolley Car Dilemma

A version of the ethical dilemma about a runaway tram / trolley car. What would YOU do? [I also received another topic via email from a teacher this week – about Philosophy of Religion – I’ll be videoing […]

  ethics 16 March 2013  

Plato's Forms – What are they?

Just an example of one of our videos – see the ‘Categories’ list on the right to see more.. We welcome questions, which we’ll record answers to and post here.. FEEL FREE TO VISIT/JOIN OUR COURSE FACEBOOK GROUP..

  Plato 14 March 2013  

Come and hear a paper – ‘Feminist Appropriations of Spinoza’ – by, arguably, Britain’s best-known feminist philosopher of religion!

Come and hear a paper – ‘Feminist Appropriations of Spinoza’ – by, arguably, Britain’s best-known feminist philosopher of religion! Monday 11 March, 2013, Dr Pamela Sue Anderson, (Regent’s Park College, Oxford) ‘Feminist Appropriations of Spinoza and the Contemporary ‘Re-visioning’ of […]

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New videos coming..

Hi: we are planning a new set of videos on the site- but want questions from those working on A Levels as to the topic: feel free to comment on this post to request a topic, or email […]

  Videos 8 March 2013