Month: March 2008

St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar – Slough

Friday saw me endure a 5+ hour driving extravaganza as the UK road system seemed close to collapse – or somehow trying to thwart my efforts to get to St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar school in Slough and back… […]

  A Level Religious Studies 29 March 2008  

Weston College and Buddhism

Last week we were lucky enough to welcome a group from Weston Super Mare to the University, to talk about Buddhism – and the Four Noble Truths in particular. I hope you enjoyed being with us – if […]

  Four Noble Truths 26 March 2008  

Easter Baskets

As I was researching for my essay on business ethics and globalisation, I have come upon a polarity of ideas: from Milton Friedman, “the business of business is business”,, to Hume’s naturalistic fallacy of an is not […]

  Uncategorised 21 March 2008  

High Drama in the West Midlands (well, Bromsgrove)

Wednesday saw me off to visit South Bromsgrove High School Technology and Language College – to talk about Buddhist ideas of Life after Death – and the Problem of Evil.It was a memorable trip.. I was almost late […]

  buddhism 20 March 2008  

St Mary’s School – Shaftesbury…

Well -after rather a long drive, this Tuesday saw me arrive at St Mary’s School, in Shaftesbury – where I talked (quite a lot, if I recall) about Utilitarianism. Those interested in the Omelas short story that I […]

  Omelas 18 March 2008  

“Thou shalt not pollute the Earth”?

Hello to all, and thanks for reading my first post here! My Name is Jason Chambers and I am a third year student of R.P.E at the University of Gloucestershire. I found this interesting, the Vatican have decided […]

  christianity 14 March 2008  

So much for happiness?

Now – many of you will have heard me deride the notion that happiness is the goal of all life, especially moral decisions. Maybe I have overstated this at times – but a piece HERE takes issue with […]

  happiness 13 March 2008  

King Edward VI School, Stratford upon Avon – visit

Well – another visit. This time to historic (and busy) Stratford, to see one of our graduates who is now a teacher at the King Edward VI School – known to some as Shakespeare’s school… I was there […]

  ethics 13 March 2008  

Evil Stalks the West (Midlands): Cadbury College Visit

Well – today was a day of evil.. I went to Cadbury College where I did three sessions with AS groups – all on the Problem of Evil. See more on Evil at and also on the […]

  evil 7 March 2008  

Philosophy & Ethics Reading Group

Our next reading will be Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. We will discuss this at our next two meetings so will break it into the two volumes. It can be found in various places online but it is probably much […]

  Uncategorised 6 March 2008