Month: September 2007

Philosophy & Ethics Reading Group

I am pleased to announce our preliminary meeting will be next Tuesday (2nd October – Week 2) at 6pm in FCH bar.It will be an opportunity to meet each other, collate some ideas for our reading material, and […]

  Uncategorised 27 September 2007  

In Our Time

The excellent BBC Radio 4 series In Our Time has returned after a summer break with a discussion on Socrates. You can listen to this at any time on the net and, for one week only, you can […]

  ethics 27 September 2007  

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society – programme

Hi – below is the programe for the GPS. I would encourage all RPE students (and others) to attend these – you will be made very welcome… [the guilt debate still continues at ] Dave Gloucestershire Philosophical […]

  philosophy 26 September 2007  

Natural (2)

Thanks to all students who took part in the Week Zero (Freshers week / Induction week) activities last week. They worked hard – both on the trip and back at FCH. Our trip to Westonbirt Arboretum allowed us […]

  induction week 24 September 2007  


This morning I was with our friends at BBC Radio Gloucestershire talking to John Rockley about guilt. We covered eco-guilt, parental guilt and charity use of guilt to get us to pay up. Two questions spring to mind […]

  guilt 24 September 2007  

Lectures from Oxford Philosophy Dept for an archive of the Locke lectures – very interesting listening..Dave

  Locke 21 September 2007  


Just a quick post to welcome the new intake of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics students – who we meet tomorrow… On behalf of myself, Dee, Alison, Roy, Melissa and Nigel (and the others you will have from time […]

  RPE 16 September 2007  

RPE 307

For those of you keen to make a start on Beyond Good and Evil (and why shouldn’t you be!) we will be using the translation by Marion Faber, published by Oxford University Press. Translations do vary quite a […]

  philosophers 14 September 2007  

For Nietzsche ‘Fans’

Check out the Nietzsche Circle. Their ‘vision statement’ is: ‘To create an intellectual and artistic community whereby individuals of similar spirit and vision may come together and explore Nietzsche’s philosophy, developing ways in which it can be transfigured.’ […]

  ethics 14 September 2007  


Hi. As part of our induction activities for new students next week, we shall be asking them what is meant by term ‘natural’: what does it mean to talk of an ‘unnatural’ practice – especially as an evaluative […]

  ethics 13 September 2007