Month: March 2011

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics student profile on YouTube!

  video 28 March 2011  

Cordoba March 2011 Field Trip Report…

If it’s March – it must be the Spain trip… [ more pics at  ] 12th March – 2.30 am – some very sleepy students and staff  meet at the FCH campus refectory – for a 3am coach to […]

  Cordoba 21 March 2011  

Off to Cordoba…

As part of RPE136 module, we are off to Cordoba, Spain for the field trip…. (leaving in 4 hours from now…)  Follow us via Cheers,Dave

  Cordoba 11 March 2011  

Bodhisattva Superstar…


  bodhisattva 5 March 2011  

Heidegger and Evolution

Hello everybody, In an attempt to stop bothering my supervisors (i’m not in care) and instead bother other people i would be interested in people’s comments on essay ideas i have. I tried to be as original as […]

  evolution 5 March 2011