Month: February 2007

Buddhism podcast 3

Hi, the Buddhism podcast 3 is now on-line. It is short, and about Not-Self (Anatta) – and is really just a reading of the start of the Buddhist text Questions of King Milinda – which uses the idea […]

  anatta 25 February 2007  

Group Discussions…

Following the post about the skills philosophy/ethics students need, we hagve been using the 187 (Skills) module to discuss what procedures might best enable group / class feedback discussions, and whether any ground rules are needed for them… […]

  discussion 21 February 2007  

Buddhism Podcast 2: The Four Noble Truths

Hi, the second podcast for RPE (Religion, Philosophy & Ethics) 202 Buddhism is now available. This is a longer piece – so is hosted in a different location to the other podcasts for RPE. This podcast is a […]

  buddha 21 February 2007  

EZ205 Langauge and Ethics podcast / Utilitarianism powerpoint

For those on EZ205 Language & Ethics, there is a short podcast with some definitions of Moral Realism at: – hope it is useful. [It may be of interest to those studying A-level, ( As / A2) Religious […]

  ethics 18 February 2007  

What skills do philosophy / ethics students need?

This post is to ask our students (and others) what skills they think are important in the study of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics. While it is initially for current students to reflect on what they did well/badly in […]

  philosophy 14 February 2007  

Ladies College Philosophy & Religion event

Last week, some of our staff and students attended an event at the Cheltenham Ladies College on Religion and Philosophy. This was mainly aimed at students of A-Level Religious studies (philosophy & ethics) – but they kindly had […]

  cheltenham 13 February 2007  

Ethical Decisions – and the study of philosophy and ethics

I was reading a comment over at the UNF philsophy blog:(here) where a UNF philosophy student [I think] relates a (rather frightening) real-life incident that she was involved in – and then relates it to the topic at […]

  ethics 9 February 2007  

Podcast for Buddhism module

Okay – if you want to listen to the 1st (technically the second, but the first one was a test) podcast on RPE202 Buddhism, go to and download the mp3. Then listen to it – simple as […]

  buddha 6 February 2007  

New Humanities course brochure

The new Departmental course brochure (for Humanities at the University of Gloucestershire – that is English Language; English Literature; Creative Writing; History and Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE)) can now be downloaded at:

  Uncategorised 5 February 2007  

University of North Florida Philosophy Blog

I recently had an e-mail from our friends at the University of North Florida‘s Philosophy department (Hi Rico) – to let us know that their philosophy blog is now back and up and running at full speed- and […]

  Uncategorised 2 February 2007