EZ205 Langauge and Ethics podcast / Utilitarianism powerpoint

For those on EZ205 Language & Ethics, there is a short podcast with some definitions of Moral Realism at:
http://pebblepad.glos.ac.uk/blog.aspx?blogoid=5503 – hope it is useful. [It may be of interest to those studying A-level, ( As / A2) Religious Studies, Philosopy & Ethics – or for thier revision]

Those studying RPE103 Contemporary Ethical Issues may also want to have a listen. I have also added, at the same location, a copy of the Utilitarianism powerpoint that EZ205 and RPE103 students may find of use…

Cheers, Dave

[Oh – posts about the skills needed to study philosophy and/or ethics are still very welcome on the post below…]


My personal advice is that this is a very important mini-lecture to get under your skin. For me, learning about Utilitarianism went in one ear and out the other (I am not implying there is nothing in-between) until I could place it in a context: the natural wing of moral realism (ha!). Also, for me to understand Utiliarianism, or any other ethical tradition, it has also been useful to see how it differs and is similar to other ethical structures. I only wish that I had heard this podcast before the Ethical Traditions exam: and at that point I had already heard lectures and studied the subject. I don’t seem to learn anything without loads of repetition (lectures, studying and reading), but that’s a comment for ‘what skills philosophy/ethics students need’.

You may be interested in a podcast I’ve created at Hofstra University, in New York. It is called The Ethics Project and it is recordings of people talking about an ethical decision they have made. It isn’t edited and there is no commentary. You can access it at itunes.hofstra.eduArthur Dobrin

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