Month: October 2010

Death of the Emperor

There has been a lot of news coverage over the shooting of the red deer stag known as the Emperor of Exmoor. I have been to Exmoor many times and have seen the hunters out with their guns […]

  animal 27 October 2010  

New for Christmas: Religion?

This picture was in the Boots Christmas Catalogue.. Ignoring the annoying ‘trend expert’ nonsense, and not even daring think what the hell ‘rockstar edge’ means: I was struck by the brand-name – ‘Religion’… What is the thinking behind […]

  brands 26 October 2010  

The Athlete in a Future of Sport and Technology

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society Wednesday, 27th. October, 2010, 7.30.p.m. FCH Room HC203. Dr. Emily Ryall, of University of Gloucestershire, will give a talk on: “Beyond Human: Conceptualising the Athlete in a Future of Sport and Technology“. All welcome.

  Dr Emily Ryall 25 October 2010  

RPE208 Day-Trip to Oxford

For students on the Indian Religions module: The plan… We go to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford ( ) on Friday November 5th. We will meet on the museum steps, at 12:45. You can get the bus […]

  Ashmolean 21 October 2010  

Problem of Evil DVD for schools

Hi. Just a quick post to note that our popular DVD aimed at schools (particularly those doing GCSE or A Level Religious Studies / Philosophy & Ethics) about the Problem of Evil is now back on sale, at […]

  dvd 13 October 2010  

Plato and Love

Students across RPE, but especially those on RPE301 (Love, Sex and Death) may be interested in the following talk, offered by Gloucestershire Philosophical Society: Wed. Nov. 10th 7.30.p.m. FCH Room HC203. Dr.Angie Hobbs, Associate Professor, University of Warwick. […]

  love 13 October 2010  

Meeting re Field Trip to Spain – room/time/etc

Hi. If you are interested in coming on the field trip to Cordoba (and Seville) in March 2011, you need to attend the meeting tomorrow: Thursday 14th October at 12 noon, HC201 (FCH) if you cannot make the […]

  Cordoba 13 October 2010  

There is no God

Some of you might have heard of the recent brouhaha surrounding Stephen Hawking’s announcement that we don’t need God any more. I am always surprised how what is taken to be novel and revolutionary has in fact been […]

  god 10 October 2010  

Studying Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at University

This Saturday sees one of our biggest Open Days (info: here), and I will be doing my bit, talking about what it is like to study religious, philosophical and ethical ideas, especially on our course here at University […]

  open day 8 October 2010  

A J Ayer on YouTube

Now that’s proper TV… A J Ayer on Logical Positivism… While our RPE students may enjoy this – thought that I’d pop on the blog – as this seems even better than X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and […]

  Ayer 6 October 2010