Month: April 2011

Sai Baba dies…

Obituary at

  sai baba 25 April 2011  

Eulogy to re-launch

Those of you who have done, or will do next year, the module RPE301 – Love, Sex and Death, may be interested to note that the : The world’s first ‘death magazine’ is set to re-launch with a […]

  death 11 April 2011  


Staff and Students at the end of last year… Just to let people know that even though term may be coming to an end – this blog – and especially the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course face book […]

  comments 8 April 2011  

New blog next door

Our colleagues in English Literature here at Gloucestershire are working on a blog too – see Cheers,Dave

  english literature 7 April 2011  

Philosophy at Play Event

Hi – this event is next week: see Abstracts are at I hope those coming find it useful…

  play 7 April 2011