Month: November 2007

Podcast on Moral Realism / Naturalism, etc..

Those of you forced to listen to me witter on today about Intuitionism, Emotivism, and the like may wish to listen to the podcast at HERE which was originally for another class: but which explains some of the […]

  Moore 27 November 2007  

Sir, Sir, it’s a causal fallacy: School Uniform and politics…

So – we have seen a call from the Conservative Party for schools to enforce smart uniforms, have pupils stand when teachers enter the room, and call them Sir and Miss (or like some,perhaps, Madam). The argument seems […]

  cause 26 November 2007  

Philosophy and Popular Culture…

Since 2000 Open Court publishers (and Blackwells in the UK republishing them) have been putting out a series entitled Philosophy and Popular Culture. The first one I saw (as I unwrapped it one Christmas) was The Simpsons and […]

  philosophy 23 November 2007  

Staff-Student Christmas Meal

Following the runaway success of last year’s event, I am told that students are planning to have another staff-student meal this Christmas. The date under discussion is Monday 10th December, with The Indus (Indian Restuarant, on Bath Road) […]

  Christmas meal 14 November 2007  

Religious Dress back in the News: Sikh Girl Excluded from School

The BBC (and many others) report this case of a girl excluded for refusing to take off a bangle which she considers part of her Sikh faith. Read the story at: While the BBC has its usual […]

  Dress 7 November 2007  

Philosophy Reading Group

Following a couple of hours dissecting Sartre’s Nausea last night and discussing the implications of accepting the Existentialist position, we have agreed our next book (actually, it’s a play) to be Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. More information can […]

  Uncategorised 7 November 2007  

Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travellin’

Hi. This thursday (November 8th, 2007) there will be an event at FCH entitled Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travellin’. Will Kaufman from the University of Central Lancashire presents this partly-spoken and partly sung event. ‘Woody Guthrie: […]

  Guthrie 6 November 2007  

Philosophy & Ethics Reading Group

We will be meeting this evening (Tuesday 6th November) at 6pm in Bar Ha Ha in Montpellier to discuss Sartre’s Nausea. Even if you haven’t finished the book yet (or even started to read it!) you would still […]

  philosophy 6 November 2007  

Is Everyone Feeling Guilty At The Moment?

I don’t want to sound too much like an advert for In Our Time, but the latest programme – which can be dowloaded – is particularly relevent considering the recent lively discussion on guilt. Do you think Melvyn […]

  ethics 2 November 2007  

A Blogged-About Blog…

See to make sense of this post title… Dave

  blog 1 November 2007