Month: August 2007

‘Properly Basic’ Beliefs and the Existence of God

Over at Go Grue they have been having a fascinating discussion regarding Alvin Plantinga’a treatment of whether belief in God is ‘properly basic’.. The nature of the way the authors deal with the argument will also be of […]

  god 17 August 2007  

Where do philosophers go?

We were very pleased with the success of our call for accounts of how people started out as philosphers – how they ended up in this profession / calling / vocation/ etc – see – for people’s […]

  life 11 August 2007  

Another year…

As A-level results loom, some of us are preparing for clearing – the annual round of last-minute scrambling for places… [mind you – we do at least now have potable running water back] Here at the University of […]

  course map 9 August 2007