Month: October 2008

Love Story?

What is love? We have been talking about this at length in RPE301 – Love, Sex and Death: so I thought students of that course may be interested in this week’s episode of ‘Imagine’ from the BBC: view […]

  love 23 October 2008  

US state curtails child dumping – an odd law?

The BBC reports, at that Nebraska has changed its laws – so that you can no longer ‘dump’ unwanted children on the state. The limit has been altered to only 3-days old – but before that it […]

  children's literature 21 October 2008  

Update on The Philosophy Society

We had a good turnout for our firsting meeting as The Philosophy Society. Jess prepared some excellent minutes which I will email to those on the mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list and would […]

  Uncategorised 15 October 2008  

Tracking ethics in the stock market?

As we watch the Dow Jones and the FTSE100 plummet, you can track the ethical ratings of Corporations at . As their website says Geneva-based Covalence tracks the ethical reputation of multinationals by sourcing information from companies, […]

  ethics 12 October 2008  

Greetings from Big Sky country…

I’ve been speaking today to the Centre for Ethics here in Missoula, at the University of Montana, about the purpose of teaching Ethics as an academic subject. Some of the points we discussed were:¢ In an ethics class […]

  ethics 6 October 2008  

Dementia and an ‘obligation to die’

There is an interesting post on the ethical issues surrounding dementia at – some of you might like to head over there to comment… Dave

  Uncategorised 2 October 2008  

The Philosophy Society

We had an exciting response to The Philosophy Society at the Freshers’ Fayre. Over 70 people expressed interest and want to be included on the mailing list. All those (bar two – because their email addresses were disabled) […]

  authors 1 October 2008