Month: December 2010

Call me Dr X? – an interesting dicussion: should students call me Dr X (esp odd, my surname not being ‘X’) and I call them by their surname: ‘Oi Smith, what is meant by synthetic a priori? eh?‘ Or maybe not.I am […]

  name 12 December 2010  

Need a break?

Need a break when reading/studying? Only if you think you do…Philosophy News reports that: Stanford researchers find that the “need” for study breaks has less to do with our biology and more to do with our beliefs. “If you […]

  brain 12 December 2010  

Facebook is the address for a new Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at Gloucestershire facebook group – all are welcome to join…d.

  facebook 9 December 2010  

Coffins in Ghana

Last year in RPE301 (as we will in January) we looked at ‘death cultures’ including coffins in Ghana. As reports – a new exhibition of these has just opened in London at the Jack Bell gallery… Thought […]

  coffins 6 December 2010  

FCH Film Society

A new film society for FCH has been launched showing films related to a monthly theme every Monday evening. The theme for December is Conscience and the first screening, the Hitchcock film Rope, will be shown Monday 6th […]

  conscience 3 December 2010