Month: February 2008

Turkey to revise Islamic texts

Turkey’s Department of Religious Affairs has commissioned a team of theologians at Ankara to revise the Islamic texts known as hadith. The hadith, which are thousands in number, are considered to be the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad […]

  Islam 28 February 2008  

Halesowen College Visit

Well, despite the excitment and chaos of a minor earthquake (which don’t phase those of us who sleep through them – see previous earthquake entry..), I made it to Halesowen College today to talk about various exciting things: […]

  ethics 27 February 2008  

The Seventh Seal

Well – we did it: we watched The Seventh Seal in RPE301 (Love, Sex and Death) this Monday. This post is to allow RPE301 students to post their comments – but others are welcome to join in to. […]

  bergman 26 February 2008  

Finham Park School Visit

Well – fresh back from another enjoyable school visit. Today I was just south of Coventry to talk about the Problem of Evil and Ethics (esp Utilitarianism). The group there had lots to say – and it was […]

  ethics 20 February 2008  

Second Life and Philosophy

In recent discussions with some Philosophy and other university teachers – someone mentioned the use of the Second Life – the virtual world – as a possible teaching tool / environment. I know some Universities use Second Life […]

  ethics 19 February 2008  

Ethics Bites

Now available, on Open2. net, the first of fourteen podcasts on applied ethics, presented by Nigel Warburton. Including interviews with high profile contemporary ethicists, including Peter Singer, Michael Sandel, Thomas Scanlon, Mary Warnock, and Roger ScrutonThis is available […]

  ethics 14 February 2008  

Malmesbury School Visit

Another week – another visit. This time I was in Malmesbury, to visit some year 12 and 13 students to talk about applying moral theory to dilemmas. I talked about the Omelas short story, and the Runaway Trolley […]

  decisions 12 February 2008  

Shariah Law and the Bishop…

Well – the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, seems to have caused more fuss than he might have anticipated. If you see the papers today – you will see why: What is not clear, really, is […]

  archbishop 8 February 2008  

Can Computers Cook?

If thinking about the Philosophy of Mind has made you hungry – see the challenge at – which has, I am sure, both culinary and philosophical interest…Dave

  cooking 6 February 2008  

Brimsham Green School (Yate) Visit

I am back, fresh from a morning with the Year 13 class (Religious Studies: Philosophy & Ethics) at Brimsham Green School, Yate (nr Bristol!). I hope they have recovered from a barrage of talk from me (3 hours […]

  A Level Religious Studies 6 February 2008