Staff-Student Christmas Meal

Following the runaway success of last year’s event, I am told that students are planning to have another staff-student meal this Christmas.

The date under discussion is Monday 10th December, with The Indus (Indian Restuarant, on Bath Road) as a possible location. Please feel free to comment here – or contact Level 3 Student Rep Frances O’Hagan (I can forward e-mail if you don’t have her address). If you want to come make sure Frances knows, as she wants to book the table(s) as soon as possible.. staff too…


It is a very good idea, well done Francois, it’s nice to see that somebody else can organize it!!The Herbivore can now rest……

jasonrpe says:

Can I suggest, after consulting some of the others, the Indian restaurant in town next to revolution? I cant recall its name. But at least its in town!

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