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I recently had an e-mail from our friends at the University of North Florida‘s Philosophy department (Hi Rico) – to let us know that their philosophy blog is now back and up and running at full speed- and I must say I was very impressed. It is at:

What is notable is the range of contributors – and the practice of gettng students to contribute material. So – in case you didn’t have enough to do – I would be very happy to receive student material for this blog…

Also -please do visit and make some comments – 2nd years may be interested in the piece criticising Singer’s ‘speciesism’ notion, for example.
(Just be sure to tell them you’re from the University of Gloucestershire’s Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course when you make the comment!)

Looking forward to getting back to teaching…


[Image: University of North Florida]


Anonymous says: may be a good starting point – Dave

Rico Vitz says:

Thanks, Dave. We’re looking forward to an increase in high quality philosophical conversations “across the pond.”

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