Well – I promised a fuller report on E-Learn2006, and here is at least the first portion of it.

E-Learn 2006 – Report – First Part

The goal seemed worthwhile – to travel to Hawaii – and learn about E-Learning projects that might benefit students at the University of Gloucestershire, as well as giving a paper about how we might use technology to allow wider communities access to University expertise.

After dragging myself up in the middle of the night and travelling to Heathrow to be poked with sticks, told to dispense with all gels and liquids and generally security-ised, I was able to able to relax on the plane to San Francisco – where a five hour wait awaited me…

Like a very sad, nerdy, type I spent most of these hours feeding single dollar bills into an internet terminal in the departure lounge – answering e-mails from students worrying over critical reviews for RPE101 and RPE160.

[This picture is all I saw of San Francisco – the view from the departue lounge…]

Finally a flight to paradise awaited me – I was tired and ready to dream of sandy shores and the mighty pacific. All I got was the mighty roar of a cacophony of crying babies – and a couple in front of me engaging in a ritual cycle of bickering (mainly over legroom, and who had brought the largest collection of pointless items in the carry-on luggage) and noisy, rather unpleasant making-up.

Nevertheless, finally we arrrived – after around 20 hours on the go – and it was evening.

I checked into the hotel and crashed – rather excited that in the morning I had the pleasure of various workshops – including Professor Curtis Bonk’s session on Wiki, Podcasts and Blogs – which assured us that On-Line Learning was not in Kansas Anymore – no wonder I had trouble sleeping…

[To the right – Professor Bonk]

Episode 2 to follow…

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