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Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Religion, and more..

I dropped in to the  Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge recently, and caught up with Dr Beth Singler. We talked about AI, and how it relates to ethics, and the current conversations that people are having about it. […]

  AI 6 February 2017  

Peter Tatchell: Organised Religion and Human Rights.

This is the video of a lecture by Peter Tatchell entitled: ‘Organised Religion: The greatest global threat to human rights?’ Discover our Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course:, and our part-time, on-line MA at  The Peter Tatchell Foundation has […]

  ethics 18 July 2015  

A conversation about Dr William Large's new book on Levinas' Totality and Infinity

Dr David Webster from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics team at the University of Gloucestershire asks his colleague  Dr William Large about his new book on Levinas’ Totality and Infinity. Discover the RPE course : 

  ethics 5 June 2015  

Exploring a question sent in from Churchdown School, Gloucester.. Religions often share ideals, but are often in opposition to each other?

Exploring a question sent in from Churchdown School, Gloucester.. Religions often share ideals, but are often in opposition to each other? Some members of the RPE team at Gloucestershire look at this, and see where it takes them… Find us on twitter […]

  ethics 3 October 2014  

How is, or isn’t, morality related to Religion? A question sent in from Churchdown…

A teacher in Churchdown School Academy Gloucester sent us a question from one of his 6th Form pupils: Is morality the basis of religion, separate from it, or even opposed to it? Some members of the RPE team at Gloucestershire look at this, […]

  ethics 3 October 2014  

Sport as form of moral education. Can Sport make us Good?

In this video, Dr David Webster asks Dr Emily Ryall whether sport can feature in our moral education – whether it contributes to character formation. In short – can sport make us good? This video really just acts as a starting point […]

  ethics 16 July 2014  

Mega-Events, Sport, The Football World Cup, The Olympics and ethics…

In this video Dr Dave Webster interviews Dr Malcolm MacLean about Mega-Events, Sport, the Football World Cup, the Olympics and ethics…  We talk about  the utilitarian decision-making process, the Play Fair organisation, the Qatar World Cup, Brazil, allotments in London and much […]

  ethics 17 June 2014  

Professor Gordon McConville – the Old Testament

Professor McConville, who part of the Theology & Religious Studies staff here at Gloucestershire, and Professor of Old Testament Theology, talks about why the Old Testament deserves our attention – and explores the notion of human flourishing: In the course of the […]

  Bible 9 June 2014  

Morality, Life and related topics: the big questions…

RPE graduate, and teacher, Kayleigh Davies, asks Dr David Webster about life, morality, the afterlife and related issues, in a religious context. ——————————————————————————– See our RPE Course blog at

  death 2 June 2014  

Buddhist and Kantian Ethics

In this video, Dr Dave Webster talks to Justin Whitaker – author of the influential American Buddhist Perspective blog – about his work on the intersection between Buddhist and Kantian ethics. Can Justin persuade Dave that there is some mileage in comparing Kant to […]

  buddhism 19 May 2014