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Definition of the Teleological Argument

A definition of the Teleological Argument from Dr Roy Jackson, Religion, Philosophy & Ethics Course Leader at the University of Gloucestershire… Find us on twitter @RPEatGlos, or see our Course Blog at

Buddhism and Atheism

Is Buddhism a form of Atheism? In this video I refer to texts you can find at  – you may want to look at the passage where Brahma asserts he is the supreme God, but.. — Staff from the Religion, Philosophy…


Theodicy and popularity – plus questions over moral vs natural Evil

Staff from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course at University of Gloucestershire talking about Philosophy of Religion – here DrRoy Jackson talks about EVIL FEEL FREE TO VISIT/JOIN OUR COURSE FACEBOOK GROUP.. – Current and past students talking about Philosophy ,Religion, Religious Education and more…..


Morality and Foreknowledge

Roy responds to an issue raised by a teacher:  “If God knows all our moral choices in advance, then we cannot be justly blamed or rewarded for what we do.” This is part of the OCR A2 “Attributes…

Roy Jackson on Classical Theism

What is classical theism? Interview with Dr Roy Jackson at the University of Gloucestershire..

Dawkins, Tinker and fundamentalist atheism

Another submitted question: Do you find Dawkins argument less convincing than Tinker and other contemporary philosophers because he is essentially a fundamentalist atheist? (The Edexcel textbook references this article: How could one criticise Tinker’s critique of Dawkins?…

Podcast on Rudolf Otto

Click below : A podcast from The Religious Studies Project where they interview Robert Orsi about Otto.. RSP37-Orsi.mp3 Rudolf Otto was a highly influential figure in the history of Religious Studies, but whether that influence was for good or not…

Science and Creation

  Professor McConville on whether scientific discoveries about the origins of the universe make the Bible’s teachings on creation obsolete. Professor Gordon McConville is part of the TRS team at the University of Gloucestershire

There is no God

Some of you might have heard of the recent brouhaha surrounding Stephen Hawking’s announcement that we don’t need God any more. I am always surprised how what is taken to be novel and revolutionary has in fact been…

God edition..

New Statesman at has an issue focused around God and the relationship between politics and religion..Might be of interest..d.