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Using popular music in History research and teaching..

In this short video Dr Christian O’Connell talks to Dr Dave Webster about treating popular music as historical text. The video touches on the Blues, History research and more:

  history 23 June 2014  

Bob Dylan, 1960s Culture, Civil Rights and more: Professor John Hughes interviewed.

In this short video Professor John Hughes talks to Dr Dave Webster about Bob Dylan’s place in the culture of 1960s America.  In it we talk about the song The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol (see, as well as […]

  history 19 June 2014  

Prof Roy Jones on Culture, Geography, History and Ugg boots..

In a slight change of topic, but as its so interesting – one from our colleagues in History – Professor Roy Jones talks to Dr Iain Robertson about textbooks, denim, Ugg boots and more: History at Gloucestershire has […]

  history 2 June 2014  

American Literature, its value to study, and Maya Angelou…

This is a video from our colleagues in History, here at Gloucestershire, but I thought it really interesting – and so posted it here too: Professor Neil Wynn talks to Dr Christian O’Connell about American Literature, its value to study, […]

  history 1 June 2014  

What is Historical Geography?

Cultural, Historical and Heritage issues within Geography concern Prof Roy Jones in this short video: During his time at the University of Gloucestershire, Prof Jones has given papers and given us a real insight into his research: even this philosopher found […]

  history 5 May 2014  

The Celtic Periphery – Questions of Language

Dr Iain Robertson and Dr Jonathan Marshall – both from the University of Gloucestershire – explore linguistic and historical issues for Iain’s course History from the Periphery:

  history 16 January 2014  

The Philosophy Society

Last month Paul Caddle ran the meeting on the topic of the philosophy of Bishop Berkeley. Unfortunately I posted a web-link for the reading which is a 74-page piece of writing by Berkeley. Paul had attached a small […]

  history 24 March 2010