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Existentialism & Romantic Love: An Interview with Dr Skye Cleary.

Our video-interviews are normally quite short, but I took the opportunity of chatting (via Skype) to Skye Cleary in New York, to have an extended conversation with her about the ideas in her book Existentialism and Romantic Love….

Plato and Love

Students across RPE, but especially those on RPE301 (Love, Sex and Death) may be interested in the following talk, offered by Gloucestershire Philosophical Society: Wed. Nov. 10th 7.30.p.m. FCH Room HC203. Dr.Angie Hobbs, Associate Professor, University of Warwick….

Love Story?

What is love? We have been talking about this at length in RPE301 – Love, Sex and Death: so I thought students of that course may be interested in this week’s episode of ‘Imagine’ from the BBC: view…

Fantastic Philosophy Resources at MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made huge amounts of their ‘courseware’ available, free, online. This includes a lot of philosophy materials. For example, see HERE for lectures notes on a range of topics including the Problem of Evil,…

Love, Sex, Death and Podcasting

Those of you preparing for your third year of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (rather than just relaxing all summer), will have noted the module Love, Sex and Death. I just came across a really intriguing podcast at: I…