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The Stained Glass Windows of Canterbury Cathedral (by Neil Salvesen)

Canterbury cathedral is one of the oldest churches in England. A place of renown, it is the cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury and forms part of a World Heritage Site. Amongst its many distinguishing features, its stained-glass […]

  Cathedral 28 October 2014  

Open Days this Summer..

These events have now taken place – but to find out about our other, upcoming, Open Days, see:  — As Summer approaches, we look forward to welcoming Religion, Philosophy & Ethics applicants / guests to Open Days […]

  ethics 15 May 2014  

Want to be an RE Teacher?

On Wednesday April 25th at 5pm, two former RPE students, and now RE teachers, will come in to FCH to talk about their teaching experiences and answer any questions you may have. Jason Chambers and Kt Green are […]

  religion 13 April 2012  

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Research Seminar

Dr. David Webster on ‘Western Buddhism: The Challenge of Authenticity’ 5.00 pm Thursday 25th March Francis Close Hall, room TC006b All Welcome!

  religion 19 March 2010  

Scared of Gloucestershire…

Some days the news stories seem too much to bear: In the Telegraph, we have a strange piece titled: Let’s get it straight: Irish child abuse was perpetrated by the trendy, modern post-Vatican II Catholic Church where the […]

  religion 29 November 2009  

Baggini’s Philosophy Monthly

Julian Baggini, editor of The Philosopher’s Magazine and previous speaker at our University, has launched a new monthly podcast which is available on iTunes. Episode 1 featured a talk with the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks and Julian’s visit […]

  philosophy 1 May 2009  

God edition..

New Statesman at has an issue focused around God and the relationship between politics and religion..Might be of interest..d.

  god 8 April 2009  

Religion & Science radio shows

There are some very interesting radio programmes on Religion and Science from Wisconsin Public Radio at – lots to think about here.. (spotted via our friends in Florida at – thanks) D.

  religion 24 September 2008  

The solution to Britain’s knife crime and gang problem – Vicars?

Switch the T.V or Radio on right now and you are bound to soon hear about the latest tragic inner-city youth stabbing or person being shot dead for having a slightly different postcode or belonging to a different […]

  ghetto 27 July 2008  

Vicar of Baghdad visits Stroud

Canon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad, will be coming to Stroud on July 13th. While conflict in the Middle East has a religious undercurrent, Andrew White, uses religion for diplomacy and aid, as a link not a […]

  aid 23 June 2008