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Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil: Chapter Three and the Eternal Recurrence

Given that Nietzsche has a reputation for being an atheist, this chapter may come as something as a surprise to many, as it demonstrates Nietzsche’s own ‘religiosity’. In looking at religious belief, Nietzsche is more concerned with why […]

  philosophers 21 February 2014  

Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil: Chapter Two and the Will to Power

The ultimate concern of this chapter is the possibility of philosophy.  If we accept that our ‘truths’ are merely the prejudices of philosophers, then we are led to scepticism.  However, Nietzsche believes that there is a role for […]

  Beyond Good and Evil 16 February 2014  

Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil: Chapter One

Chapter 1, The Prejudice of Philosophers, is concerned with considering the history of philosophy and declaring that traditional philosophy now lies in ruins. Before moving on to consider key themes presented in Chapter 1, be aware that BGE […]

  Beyond Good and Evil 14 February 2014  

What is Islamic Philosophy?

One of the greatest philosophers is the German Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). Kant is, of course, a ‘Western’ philosopher and not an Islamic philosopher, although I might add that it is quite possible to be ‘Western’ and ‘Islamic’ at […]

  Islam 14 February 2014  

The Examined Life Video Presentation

Thanks for the presentations this morning. Very interesting and enjoyable…and I like this video! Well done all.

  arguments 21 September 2012  

Philosophers in the Movies

I noticed our local cinema is showing The Last Station which is about the last year of Leo Tolstoy’s life. Tolstoy is played by Christopher Plummer and his wife is played by Helen Mirren. The names of these […]

  philosophers 19 February 2010  

Bertrand Russell: Comicbook Superhero!

I always knew this was the case, of course. A new comicbook (or graphic novel) called ‘Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth’ has just been published by Bloomsbury. Described as: ‘it’s the story of the quest for the […]

  philosophers 11 September 2009  

The ‘Other’ Hay Festival

How The Light Gets In is the UK’s first philosophy and music festival in Hay on-Wye which runs over the same ten days, 22-31 May, as the Hay Literary Festival. For the first time ever in the UK, […]

  philosophers 18 May 2009  

Dead Philosophers and Public Philosophers

The Radio 4 programme Start the Week had a philosophical representaiton in its 9th June edition with Simon Critchely talking about his new book which is a catalogue of the weird and wonderful ends that philosophers have met […]

  philosophers 24 June 2008  

Ethics Bites

Now available, on Open2. net, the first of fourteen podcasts on applied ethics, presented by Nigel Warburton. Including interviews with high profile contemporary ethicists, including Peter Singer, Michael Sandel, Thomas Scanlon, Mary Warnock, and Roger ScrutonThis is available […]

  ethics 14 February 2008