Here are the upcoming Gloucestershire Philosophical Society sessions-

1. 16th. January, 2008. Chris Eddy, Swindon Philosophical Society. :”Why I am not an atheist”.

Chris Eddy accepts Philip Kitcher’s challenge, in ‘Living with Darwin’, to articulate a form of belief in God which makes no occult claims, yet is also clearly distinct from secular humanism. The object of the talk is to counter “the meritocratic, ideological bullyings of Dawkins, et al.”.

2. 30th January, 2008. The Annual GPS Dinner will be held in the evening – further details of venue to be circulated.

3. 13th.February, 2008.Dr. Roberta Stevenson, University of Gloucestershire. “The meaning of old age in the 21st. Century: why we need a feminist and literary gerontology”.

Roberta Stevenson has been involved in a study of this issue over the past few years.

4. 27th. February, 2008. Leckhampton Seminar at the Brown Jug, Bath Rd. Cheltenham, 10.30.a.m.ā€¯Modernisation: a vacuous concept?”

5. 12th. March, 2008. Dr. Roy Jackson, University of Gloucestershire: “Nietzsche and Islam”.

Roy Jackson considers the important influences that Nietzsche’s teaching has had and continues to have on the evolution of Islamic spirituality.

Meetings scheduled for 16 January, 13 February and 12 March will be held at 7.30 p.m. in room HC203 Francis Close Campus, University of Gloucestershire, Swindon Road, Cheltenham.

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