Seventh Seal (again)

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We will be looking at the film The Seventh Seal in class today.

Look at for some ideas (see list of questions near base of the page) – and make comment via this blog post.

Other ideas are at

Prefer the Bill and Ted version? see



David W... says:

I had forgotten how much I like this film till we watched it again today – especially the contrast of the Squire and the Knight…

matt says:

weird movie. the knight was a very good character however, interesting how even though he begs for salvation for himself and the people he is with at the end of the movie they are still taken by death, even though he gets death to be distracted by the chess game allowing the family to escape.normally you would assume that self sacrifice and repentance would lead to a good ending for the individual in a movie.

Shelley says:

That’s interesting what you say about death. I took from the movie that Block wasn’t really trying to dodge death, or that death was a big meany. I thought Block was wheedling a bit of time from death to find solace by discovering some evidence affirming the existence of God. I thought his problem was the terror of facing death without the certainty of God. The-fear-of-death-makes-God-an-idol line? I dunno though, that’s only my interpretationI was going to write a gushy appreciation blog about this magnificent, funny movie, but I see that I already blogged that here a year ago – so I won’t repeat myself

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