RPE 103 and 107: Important

103 and 107
Please try and get your presentation groups and topics to me ASAP…I would like to start the presentations next week (Week 9) but this might be unrealistic. If we only start in Week 10, all of you must be ready to present by that stage. Some of you have requested specific weeks to present in, and that is fine…if you have not made such a request, I expect you to be ready to present in Week 10.

Some people seem to be struggling with time committments, and have therefore requested to do a second essay instead of the presentation. This is okay, but you need to speak to me to clarify your reasons for not being able to do the presentation. There are good reasons (“I am going to be in New Zealand”) and there are bad reasons (“I don’t feel like doing a presentation”). If we have decided you can do the second essay, you can use the essay topics in the module guide, or clear a topic with me.
Next week’s (Week 9) reading is Thoreau’s “A life without principle”. See post below.

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